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Cosmetics in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    They are interpreted as a desire to hide little visible imperfections.
    to see - be careful, because thanks to a certain person you can develop complexes because of your own appearance
    use cosmetics - you will try to improve your image by showing your best side to the environment
    buy cosmetics - if you want to impress a certain person, you have to be more self-confident
    sell cosmetics - you will start to do well in life
    throw away used cosmetics - it's time to forgive and forget painful situations from the past
    try to hide something on your face with cosmetics - you will try to cover up a matter or problem that has not been for a long time gives you peace of mind
    expired - someone will deprive you of the opportunity to take advantage of the pleasure
    apply too much and cosmetics for your face - you put too much emphasis on external beauty or you want to charm someone
    give someone cosmetics as a gift - you will make a good impression on someone
    read a leaflet on cosmetics - you want to increase your knowledge in a modern field.

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