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    Indicates a passive attitude and submissive character. Alternatively, a dream about a cow is a symbol of a safe haven and maternal instinct.
    see cow - there is a person in your life who supports you emotionally and thanks to this you feel great
    to see a cow skeleton - you will somehow feel abandoned or rejected by your mother
    to be attacked by it - do not listen to other people's advice because they can be short-sighted and reckless
    see a dead cow - you will defeat all obstacles and suffering
    herd of cows - indicates your need to belong to a certain group of people
    to milk the cow - you will work hard , but thanks to this you will earn a lot of money
    fat cow - a sign of happiness and abundance
    to have a humble and good cow - will come true your p desire
    cows grazing in the meadow - you will have a comfortable life
    spotted cow - you will start to suffer from lack of emotional support from a loved one
    red cow - you will be dependent on your mother.

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