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Corpse in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Corpse symbolizes some aspect of one's personality that is invisible to the naked eye to other people or has ceased to be used by you. You are not able to get the truth when asked, that you keep asking yourself. Dream permanently closes a certain period in your life and opens a new chapter, which will soon start new changes.
    seeing a corpse - a dream foreshadows only happy events in your life
    to touch the corpse - you unnecessarily close yourself to people who want to support you, better give up on time isolation, which will destroy your chances for better development
    be afraid of the corpse - the long-awaited meeting will not take place
    run away from it - something will happen in your life that will confuse you and baffle you throughout this situation you will change your mind unnecessarily about certain people
    see yourself as a corpse - a dream means the end of a pro of pains and worries
    a corpse lying in a coffin - you will regain your lost joy in life and start looking optimistically into the future.

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