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    The terrain that appears in a dream calls for you to stop imposing too many restrictions on yourself and open up to your own dreams.
    construction site - you will manage to get a satisfactory material level, you can gain a lot in life only through bold decisions
    large area - too many impressions and attractions in life will start in the end to annoy you, so you will have to rest from some people
    small area - don't complain about loneliness if you do nothing to go out to people
    private property - you will impose too many restrictions and unnecessary discipline on yourself
    wooded area - this is a sign to treat your free time as an opportunity to overcome your own laziness and doing outstanding work
    abandoned area - bad relationships with the environment will take away your will to act and make you live in isolation
    remote area - means you hope to get away from reality and go somewhere you will find joy and peace
    if you are going into the field - finally you will rest from everyday hardships and duties
    closed area - if something does not suit you, don't be afraid to take more radical steps
    field work - indicates the need to rest from everyday life, is associated with an attempt to deviate from what is known and liked, sleep indicates a desire to gain new experiences and opportunities.

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