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Corporal in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Corporal in the dream book is interpreted as one of the symbols of life, everyday struggle for survival, service and mental and spiritual development. Most likely, you are subconsciously trying to sort out the chaos around you. A dream in which a corporal appears is also seen as a manifestation of courage and strong beliefs.

There are two main meanings of CORPORAL dream:

    The first one is related to the dreamer's internal conflicts, his values ​​and beliefs that may make him want to defend himself against something. The dream of the corporal really suggests that you have to fight for something in life.
    The second is related to the relationships we have with other people. You are probably going through a very difficult period in your life right now, which is why you have problems communicating with your loved ones. Perhaps you are also unnecessarily trying to impose your beliefs on others, which is why you are constantly faced with rejection.

Dream interpretation: CORPORAL

    If you see a corporal in your dream, then this is a sign that you should finally take control of your own life and become more independent from others.
    A corporal on duty is a warning against injury. Dream also shows that you try to avoid pain and unnecessary conflicts in your life at all costs.
    A quarrel with a corporal is a sign in your dreams that if anyone gets in your way, you will win the fight related to the protection of the values ​​and desires you nurture.
    If you are a corporal, then the dream book states that you will be fully ready to face internal conflicts and life problems.
    If a woman dreams of a corporal, it means that she feels threatened in a relationship with a man or dares to have a conflict with someone over him.
    Talking to a dream corporal tells you that you will stop tolerating someone or that you will overcome life's difficulties and finally accept your mistakes from the past.

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