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Copper in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Copper usually symbolizes desire, it can also mean that you put your fantasies and desires first over the necessities. Moreover, in a negative sense, copper can mean lying, theft or cheating.
    see copper - think about material things or want to connect with attractive people who are out of your reach
    see untreated copper - your old dreams will come true
    to own copper - you need to be more involved in family matters
    polished copper - sleep warns of excessive pride
    find copper - avoid danger at the last minute
    lose copper - an announcement of separation or failure in life
    to see copper objects - now you will be able to deal with everything, including what it requires special skills
    donate copper to the poor - improving the quality of life will consume a lot of your savings
    being in a copper mine - announcing a failed ventures
    find copper instead of gold - watch out for the so-called experts, always try to have your own opinion
    copper coins - you will do arduous work for which you will receive a meager salary.

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