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Adrenaline in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    If you feel a rush of adrenaline while sleeping, it means that you can confidently follow your goal or take new actions. Adrenaline in your sleep can also mean the desire to run away from a dangerous enemy or taking up a fight, e.g. for someone's favor or promotion.
    feeling adrenaline while jumping - you will be exposed to numerous temptations at every step, and people who, if you see it in someone else, is a warning to watch out for people we will meet in the near future, they may have a lot to hide from us
    if you see her - means that in your near future she will be a lot happened, but do not expect your life to change for the better thanks to the magic wand
    if you need adrenaline - do not give up activities that bring you a lot of joy in your life, for everyday existence does not have to consist only of alone responsibilities
    lack of adrenaline - means that you will experience regression in business, better stick to what you have and do not look for additional attractions
    if you feel adrenaline from visiting new places - if you had any doubts about the planned trip, now is a very good time to completely dispel them.

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