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    The appearance of a contract in a dream may indicate a need to compromise or may call for a thorough analysis of all recently concluded contracts. Moreover, a dream may reflect a strong attachment to things or to people in your immediate vicinity.
    concluding a contract - means that your subconscious is trying to provide you with a solution to a certain problem or conflict, you can be sure that in an important matter for you you will take very bold steps
    signing it - reflects your concern for the near future
    breaking the contract - a sign that you feel underestimated or you are fed up with the injustice around you
    torn a contract - it proves that you do not want to have any obligations and you feel best living from day to day
    analyzing the contract - it is a sign that you are wondering how much longer you will have to stick to your choice
    lease contract - proves that you are wondering where you will be in your life in five or ten years
    marriage contract - a sign that you feel fear that the decisions you make will affect your whole life
    employment contract - it proves that you are constantly looking for stability in your life, you will find it only when you show a more mature attitude
    loan contract - means that it is not worth living on credit in life
    managerial contract - calls the dreamer to carefully analyze everything that he will commit himself in the future
    accurate, flawed, false - analyze all the pros and cons several times before making a decision on any matter.

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