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Connections in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Connections in dream indicates a desire to obtain some important information. Moreover, it may be associated with the establishment of interesting contacts and acquaintances.
    to have connections - you will start to do well in life
    not to have them - you will learn something about someone you would not want to know
    make friends - do not treat everyone as friends, because it may turn out that in reality it is completely different
    brag about your friends - you will lose sight people around you
    disappoint in your friends - in some activities you will go too far and you will treat yourself to an unpleasant adventure
    meet your friends or talk to them - you will gain new, valuable information
    renew your acquaintance - you will start recalling the old days
    break up - it will be hard for you to accept the success of a loved one.

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