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Conflict in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    A conflict that occurs in a dream is a sign that you have a lot to do in your life, live in a hurry, or do not know where to go. Perhaps you are also staying with someone. in a constant conflict and you do not know how to end. A dream can only bring you closer to finding answers to your questions.
    if you have a conflict with someone - it means that because of an unusual quarrel someone will take away the joy of your everyday life
    end a conflict with someone - you will solve a difficult case that has been bothering you for a long time
    conflict of interest - in professional matters, time will turn out to be your best ally now you will complete tasks that have caused you many difficulties in your life so far
    conflict with a loved one - is an announcement that you will change your daily life schedule for someone who will disappoint you very badly in the future
    long-term nflikt - you will curtail the privileges of malcontents who always criticize what you are doing
    conflict with your partner - it may mean that you will start a battle with someone unnecessarily, which will end for you a complete failure.

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