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Concentration camp in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

A concentration camp that occurs in a dream is usually the result of anxiety about one's own existence as well as an expression of fear related to making new contacts.

to be in a concentration camp - a dream is an expression of fears and anxieties for your own life, maybe someone imposes your own opinion on you or tries to direct your fate and you are afraid to meet them. Such dreams very often appear in people or their families who in the past were imprisoned in concentration camps and they reflect bad memories and cruel experiences.

to die in a concentration camp - such a dream is the result of stigmatizing pain and oppression of life, perhaps you are carrying a cross that is getting heavier and you cannot slowly cope with it

visiting a concentration camp - it is a symbol of searching for the truth about the past or returning to the old traumatic memories

escape from a concentration camp - is a harbinger of breaking out of the oppression and confusion that plagued you in your life

view of the SS-Man - a dream announces that you will impose on someone your will

to be thrown into the camp - someone will manipulate you or turn your life into a nightmare

managing a concentration camp - means that you will do someone great harm with your actions.

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