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Complexion in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The complexion in dreams illustrates how other people perceive you in everyday life. Beautiful complexion is a sign of high self-esteem, while ugly skin is undervalued and a sense of inferiority.
    beautiful complexion - in a dream it is a sign of high self-confidence and great trust
    ugly - it is a message that if you do not believe in time into yourself, all your intentions so far will turn to dust
    dry - rough and tense relationships with other people will start to prevent you from achieving what you have long dreamed of
    oily - it is a sign that you will keep your youth and beauty for longer
    couperose skin - it may mean that your attitude, someone will start to perceive you as a rebellious and conspiratorial person
    fair complexion - most often it proves the dreamer's playing secondary roles in life and a passive attitude for the implementation of important projects
    tanned - is a sign of health and vitality and a harbinger of better well-being.

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