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Crowd in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Crowd in a dream is a symbol of splendor and living in disorder and crowds. Undoubtedly, you suffer from lack of your own space, perhaps it is too cramped apartment, lack of There is enough space to work or rest. You wonder what to change to finally feel better, but you still lack the resources. Persistent pursuit of your goal will lead you to achieve your goals. You need to open up to the outside world and focus on everything, on what you care, not only about yourself. Sleep can also mean a lack of privacy, it is very common in people who perform public functions, because it is information about support or rejection of their candidacy.
    see the crowd - you want to spend more time with friends
    be in the crowd - minor problems will make you lose your enthusiasm for further work
    to dispel the crowd - a dream augurs a quarrel with a friend
    crowd of people praying - you will try to impress the wrong person
    be rammed by the crowd - you will be overwhelmed by a multitude of different problems, you will also be worried about the unflattering opinion on your topic
    to see a crowd of people on the street - after years of drought you will finally start implementing your plans
    crowd of strikers - inappropriate approach to a complicated matter can thwart your plans for good
    get lost in the crowd - you will get lost in your life path and you will lose your sense of reality.

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