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Complaint in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Complaint in a dream is an expression of regret and pain that we feel due to unpleasant transitions and life vicissitudes. There are many things in your life that bother you a lot, but you can't help but take responsibility for your actions and sort out all the unresolved issues from the beginning. you can choose. It is best to choose the path in your life to be fully satisfied with the results achieved and not regret anything afterwards.
    complain about someone - trust someone enough hardly that you will not see how much you are used by him
    accept the complaint - only worries and worries await you in life
    write a complaint about someone - with anim you will undertake successful ventures first you will have to do a lot of meticulous work
    go to someone for a complaint - a friend will ask you for help that you will not be able to fulfill
    reject the complaint - you will turn your back on the person who once supported your actions
    make a formal complaint - you will finally start to enjoy the job
    hear someone else's complaint - some things will take a toll on your private interests
    not respond to your complaint - someone wants your misfortune and wishes you badly.

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