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Cry in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    A dream of crying means letting go of negative emotions; perhaps you tend to ignore, deny and suppress your own feelings; when you dream your defenses are no longer standing still on alert, which allows you to release those feelings that you have been hiding for a long time.
    cry on your own - you needlessly suppress your own feelings, frustrations or fears
    refrain from crying - for some reason you will feel helpless and sad
    cry for a short time - a positive sign of the ability to express your own feelings
    to see someone cry - a dream is a sign of the great feelings you have for the person you dream about
    seeing your loved one cry - it's time to think about others as well, not just about yourself
    see your rival cry - you will develop negative feelings wobe c your opponent
    comfort someone who cries - the dream warns the dreamer against the actions of an insidious person
    pretend to cry - you should not be like this worry about your future, better focus on your present now
    wake up and cry - repressed pain or trauma from the past will make itself felt; you probably can't hide your own feelings anymore
    nobody hears or reacts to crying and screams - news of your interest will soon come to you
    see your mother crying - it may turn out that your plans are too modest, because you have much more enthusiasm and ambition
    to cry because of separation - love and happiness they will accompany you every day
    cry in hiding - the dream foreshadows unexpected events and surprises that you will not be happy with
    to see a crying child - you will be accompanied by a feeling of helplessness and numerous frustrations
    to cry without shedding tears - someone will show you their favor and understanding
    to cry for losing someone - it scares you that you may lose a loved one
    to cry over a seemingly insignificant thing - it's time to finally prove yourself
    to cry and be comforted by a friend - you will renew contacts with people who have long disappeared from your life
    to cry with happiness - the search for a new place for land will be successful
    crying animal - you will worry about other people.

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