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Colander in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The colander in the dream book is a harbinger of quarrels and numerous misunderstandings between partners in a relationship. You will likely have to run any false information you hear about your love through your fingers. Only sticking to rigidly set rules can help you solve your personal problems.

Dream interpretation of colander

    When you strain rice, pasta or porridge in it, it is, according to the dream book, an announcement of an unexpected visit from relatives who will closely observe your lifestyle. Better control your nerves and keep your poker face in close-up situations, because waging stealth wars with everyone around you can contribute to your downfall and destroy your reputation.
    A dirty or wet colander in the sink means that you will experience sad moments in your life, the next period will be filled with numerous dilemmas. Unfortunately, it cannot do without nosy people who will mess up a lot in your personal life.
    The dream interpretation says that if a clean colander appears in a dream, the course you take will turn out to be completely successful. Dream foretells a new stage in your life full of fulfilled hopes and all good fortune. All your needs will be met and relationships with loved ones will turn out to be better than ever before.
    Dreams in which you see an old, rusty or damaged colander are a sign that a friend, completely selflessly, but in a less tactful and rude way, will draw your attention to a certain issue. Unfortunately, your reaction may turn out to be too violent, and you will fall for a while.
    A new colander bought in a dream store is a harbinger of disputes between partners and life disharmony. You will take care of something that people close to you may not like.

The colander in other cultures and in the mystical dream book:

    A dream in which a colander appears is a sign that any activities you undertake in the near future will turn out to be unnecessary. You will be fine, although you will put a lot of work and effort into your actions. All initiatives will now fail.
    If you see a colander, it is a sign that you need to keep your eyes peeled, as the enemy may spoil your plans when you least expect it. Only a vigilant attitude can save you from total failure.
    Holding it in your hands or washing it is, according to the dream book, a harbinger of rumors, misunderstandings and misunderstandings on the part of people who are close to you.
    A rusty colander in dreams means that mistakes from the past will sooner or later come back to you and will cost you a lot.

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