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Coffin in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    A dream about a coffin symbolizes openness to change and acceptance of losses, it can also mean ideas and habits that should be abandoned in time to save face. Coffin in dreams. it also represents death, especially in people who think a lot about it, a dream also reflects suicidal thoughts and billowing negative feelings.
    to see a coffin with a deceased - the most important things will not fall into place after of your mind
    to see an empty coffin - do not overwhelm your mind with insignificant matters
    to dream of building a coffin - you will suffer severe losses as a result of your own actions
    carry the coffin - your enemy will try to harm you a lot
    lie in the coffin - your next life is full will be joy and happiness
    wake up in a coffin - you will experience a great surprise when you find out that your e actions attracted the attention of important people
    stand by her - you will finally accept your own failure
    see a few coffins - a dream portends a complete goodbye to the past
    to see her in the cemetery - you have to forget about a long-gone feeling, because a dream means ending a relationship with a person who was very important to us in the past
    if the coffin is in the church - think about what is best to give up in your life to finally feel fulfilled
    oak coffin - yours noble motives will be crowned with a lavish party.
    burying the coffin at the funeral - you will end a sad period in your life and take the chance that will appear unexpectedly on the horizon.

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