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Chess in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Chess appearing in a dream is a harbinger of troubles and difficulties. Carefully analyze the situation in which you find yourself before you make important decisions in life. Chess in a dream reflects specific life choices that require more thought.
    see chess - better watch out for lurking dangers that can lead you to ruin
    play chess - minor complications will significantly affect the decisions you make now; remember that you can count on your partner's helping hand in any situation
    see people playing chess - someone will be very rude towards you
    win chess - on some point just trust your partner, any objections will not be good for you
    to be a chess player - your brilliant sense will help you win a very difficult duel in your life
    refuse to play chess - numerous troubles and moments of weakness in your life will kill your fighting spirit
    lose chess - only thanks to the advice of a wise man you will succeed solve a difficult life situation
    see the chessboard - a dream is a negative omen that foretells unpleasant events in life, lawsuits or disputes and disputes.

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