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    Privacy in a dream is associated with a sense of power and its abuse. A dream may also suggest that we should make new friends.
    someone interferes with your privacy - a person you do not like will unexpectedly ask you for help
    when you care too much about your privacy - it's time to finally open up to the world
    to be famous in a dream and feel a lack of privacy - a sign that you feel threatened by others
    not being able to take care of your privacy on the Internet - you will be very fiercely defending your arguments
    if a woman dreams that someone is disturbing her privacy - you should focus on taking care of your own affairs and not to interfere with someone else
    violating someone else's privacy - you want to influence someone else's decisions
    violating someone else's privacy t considerations - you want to change a certain man's decision, which is not a good solution for you.

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