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Coffee in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Sleeping about coffee means the need to rest from the routine activities performed on a daily basis. Very often it also symbolizes excitement and hot temper.
    drink coffee - before making an important decision you need to acquire some knowledge
    drink warm coffee - a harbinger of a varied and interesting social life
    drink black coffee - the excitement resulting from the upcoming celebrations
    prepare - you will be visited by very kind people
    brew coffee - you will undertake successful ventures
    buy coffee - your professional situation will stabilize
    sell coffee - the dream promises complications in finances
    pour the coffee - you will abandon your plans and follow a noble man
    grind coffee - joy and happiness in the family
    ground - you will overcome the problems
    grainy - you will meet an intriguing alien
    green coffee - your opponents will be at all costs try to harm you
    black coffee - a period of intense struggle ahead
    instant coffee - financial worries
    coffee with milk - someone will encourage you to act, which you will not necessarily be happy with
    drink cold with milk - annoyance
    see the coffee pot - you will start feeling sincere in someone, alternatively a dream means a desire to associate with some company
    cup of coffee - heralds family disagreements
    wash the coffee pot - you will be satisfied with your arduous work
    coffee grounds - you lack ideas and energy for the future
    coffee grinder - life satisfaction family.

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