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    The dishwasher is a symbol of cleanliness, it also means that the dreamer likes to have bright and clear situations in his life. Sleep is a sign that it is high time to think about your future and start developing and moving forward with the times.
    washing the dishes in the dishwasher - means that to start your life anew, you must first close things in your past
    broken dishwasher - means that not everything will turn out as we would like, many things will need to be improved or repaired
    if the dishwasher is flooded with water - this is a sign that someone will disturb your relationship with a loved one
    new dishwasher - it means that in the near future the complexities will clear up and you you will finally see a light in the tunnel
    buying a dishwasher in a store - it is a positive sign that bodes well for organizing difficult matters, k which have not been explained so far.

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