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Cockade in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    A cockade in a dream is a symbol of femininity and mystery. You are not sure in which direction your life should go.
    see - someone will mislead you or deceive you
    tie the cockade - you will strengthen your position among your friends
    untie the cockade - you will free yourself from the problem that was bothering you
    pin a cockade to a stranger - someone will have very serious reservations about your attitude
    pin it a young person - you will spend pleasant moments with a loved one
    pin it to an older person - warning against illness
    buy it - someone remembers you fondly
    catch the cockade - sleep means striving for perfection
    if the bow makes us oppressive - do not wait until things will sort themselves out try to finish them as soon as possible
    colorful cockade - you will achieve your own goals and desires
    red bow - an announcement of a flirt or romance.

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