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Bedding in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    bedding in a dream symbolizes luxury, elegance and sophistication. Sometimes a dream calls us to take care of something that disturbs our order and harmony in life. it can also testify to the dreamer's quality of emotional life.
    to see or sleep underneath it - you need to slow down and appreciate what's best in your life
    change bedding - your sex life starts to wear you down
    wash your bedding - don't forget to organize your own affairs
    hang up your bedding on the dryer - give up numerous pleasures for the sake of work
    sleep in clean, snow-white or decorated bedding - your overall life situation will improve significantly
    to sleep in dirty sheets - sleep usually indicates low self-esteem
    old, damaged bedding - your relationship will begin to pass those difficult moments
    arrange bedding - sleep reflects the state of happiness at the fire at home.

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