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Clover in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The clover in a dream brings together the elements of the past and shows what impact they will have on your future. It means fame and fortune, good health and loyalty on the part of Alternatively, a dream calls for a solution to a problem.
    to see a four-leaf - good luck and happiness in love
    to see a meadow full of clover - you will achieve success both in your professional and private life.
    walk among the clover - your dream is at hand
    flowering clover - a very good omen; you can look to the future with hope
    withered clover - you will have a great heartbreak
    sow a clover - you will find happiness in the family circle
    see someone sowing clover - home life is doing well
    white - she will come soon you are very lucky
    to see someone pick a clover - worry about family misunderstandings await you.

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