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Climate in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

The climate present in dreams is a sign of a strong attachment to life in accordance with the rhythm of nature or a longing for a stable existence and a harmonious environment. The dream about the climate is also often an expression of concern about the changing environment that everyone has stopped caring for, or the inability to use the crops of the earth. These types of dreams are an expression of respect for all who believe that the earth is a safe place to live and protect nature.

What does it mean to dream about CLIMATE?

The humid climate is a harbinger of many perturbations in life, which the dreamer would not have to face if not for the fact of making bold decisions, which in time will turn out to be a turning point in his life.

A dry climate, according to the knowledge contained in the dream book, is an expression of the lack of basic tools needed to achieve a stable existence. Such a dream can also be an expression of health problems related mainly to the respiratory system.

A temperate climate is a harbinger of achieving emotional and spiritual balance. Soon you will have all the emotional swings behind you that prevented you from entering a higher level of the social ladder. There will also be opportunities on the horizon to take advantage of new opportunities and opportunities.

In dreams, climate change is a sign that you slowly stop believing in your own strength and everyday struggles. Dream can also mean that you care too much about changes happening in the world that are beyond your control. And although you would like everything in your life to run perfectly, unfortunately you have no influence on what will happen in the near future.

The circumpolar climate is an announcement in your dreams that you will face difficulties in your life that you have never faced before. A certain person will make you realize that a person is able to survive any scenario, even one that seems unreal.

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