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Clairvoyant in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

The clairvoyant appearing in a dream symbolizes unlimited mind and unexpected happiness. It proves the ability to predict important phenomena and a sense of inner peace. The clairvoyant dream usually carries positive connotations. Most often it is a sign of happy events that will occur in the near future.

The meaning of the clairvoyant dream:

Seeing a clairvoyant means that the events you experience will suddenly become brighter than before.

A dream in which you go to a clairvoyant indicates that you are looking for help or advice on a difficult problem, or you are trying to make the right decision in some matter, but you do not want to admit it directly. Using the services of a clairvoyant also means that you will not be able to forget about your debts.

If you dream that you are clairvoyant then it means that someone is planning to get in your way and be serious about harming you.

When you shake his hand according to the dream book, it is a sign that, in addition to financial support, you will help a certain person to do everything possible to forget about the misfortune that happened to him.

When a clairvoyant shows you the future in your dream, it is a sign that you will soon be confronted with people who do not care about you at all.

When the clairvoyant is an old man in a dream it is a sign your rivals and opponents will withdraw from the front lines and you will eventually win with them. They will understand that they stand no chance against you because you have unparalleled power within you.

The death of a clairvoyant in dreams means that a peaceful and happy future awaits you. Your victory will not be easy, but it is soon to come.

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