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    Block reflects life in a large urban community. You are trying to change something for the better in your life, but certain unfavorable circumstances almost prompt you to make an immediate life decision You may be hesitating between living in the city or in the countryside. Your whole life may depend on this decision and there may be no turning back. If you do not want to make a mistake, better think carefully about your choice, take a break or go to Perhaps there you will answer the question of what to do with your life. The dream about the block may also mean that you are exhausted by the city life, constant noise, running away from beautiful nature and pleasant silence.
    see the block - if you want to build your own future on solid foundations
    build a block - you will rise above your comrades who try to convince you how you should progress in life
    broken block - you will take part in a rat race that will not end well for you
    buy an apartment in a block of flats - you will start to hope for a better life, but the reality will surprise you unpleasantly
    multi-story block - you will not fulfill your dreams of a dizzying career, but nevertheless you will still feel happiness
    color block - you will make every effort to implement your plans about living in a large agglomeration.

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