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City in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    A dream about a city reflects your inner loneliness or the need to tighten ties and relations with the environment; it can also symbolize a sense of community with the social environment in which you live every day .
    see the city in the distance - the dream reflects the need to confront your own problems
    the city you know - is a promise of our fulfillment goals
    a city alien to you - you will feel lonely or lost in the big world
    big city - it augurs uneasy moments in your life caused by because of too many thoughts and desires
    small town - you will find yourself in a comfortable situation, if only you do not succumb to rumors and gossip
    abandoned city - you will be rejected by people you care about
    populated city - you will not be able to spread your wings an important area for you
    hometown - a dream portends romance
    to live in the city - you will find yourself in a certain situation like no other
    move out of town - you want a different reality for yourself and your family
    underground or underwater city - thanks to new contacts you will gain important experiences in your life.

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