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    A daughter symbolizes all your hopes for the future based on your current actions. A dream can also be about your personal relationship with your daughter.
    see her or talk - you will repair the harm done to someone
    died - you will happily end a certain stage in your life
    sick - you will find yourself in a situation with no solution
    crying - someone will mock you
    angry daughter - symbolizes damage or a loss that could destroy your plans
    happy and smiling - you will find a way to solve a difficult matter
    beautiful and elegant - instead of thinking too much and wasting time, use your possibilities
    sad - keep your tongue in check, because you can lead to a conflict
    lead it down the aisle - you will accidentally find yourself safe en interesting clue that you will use luckily
    hold her hand - be careful with entrusting your secrets to someone else
    kill her - you will at great pains; the next few days will show if the situation will change
    pregnant - joy through tears
    getting married - your current job will bring you a lot of joy
    not be able to recognize her - your new venture will get you nowhere.

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