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Circle in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Sleep is a symbol of monotony and infinite repetition. The circle symbolizes perfection, completeness, immortality and unity. (we enjoy the cyclicality of life: seasons, anniversaries, holidays, etc.) and negative (related to everyday monotony and stagnation).
    see - in a certain situation you will go around in a circle no effect
    see some - although you are usually rational, you will still find yourself in a vicious circle, try to find a way to break this circle
    see imperfect or incomplete - you will encounter many obstacles and failures on your way to the goal, eventually overcome all barriers and the fight will be fruitful for you
    draw a circle - you miss what you know and like, e.g. for work, family or pleasure
    o circle with a cross - symbolizes the earth, calls for self-improvement of your own skills
    see the shape of the earth - you will be strongly oriented towards achieving your goals in your life.

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