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Dad in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Dad in a dream symbolizes authority and security. He tells the dreamer to be more independent in his actions. It is a sign not to idealize old memories too much., because in life one should be guided primarily by the events that will take place in the future.
    see dad - a warning that one should be very careful in a certain delicate matter
    to be a dad - you will become a good host who cares about your family
    not to have a dad - because of someone's greed you will lose your sense of autonomy
    Daddy's death - you will be very lucky
    not to obey him - you will make the wrong decision that will deprive you of leadership
    fight my dad - a dream means a desperate need to be closer to your father
    to see your own living dad - the dream is and a call to change behavior for the better; be careful because you may do something that will bring shame to your family
    upset father - you feel a lack of emotional connection with your father; a dream can also tell you that you are doing something your dad doesn't approve of.

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