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Cinema in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    A dream about cinema often appears in dreamers who have to make a difficult decision. This process very often consumes a lot of valuable time and consumes all available resources .
    see the cinema building - you will discover somebody's secret by chance
    be in the cinema - you will want to become part of a larger venture
    stand in front of the cinema - you will be faced with a decision that will not give you peace
    sit in the cinema room - you do not have full insight into because you are not able to make a binding decision
    to laugh during a movie screening - you will focus on immediate pleasures instead of achieving long-term goals
    leave cinema before the end of the screening - someone will mislead you
    cinema fire - you are facing an important decision or you want to get involved getting into risky matters.
    In order to better analyze the dream, pay attention to which movie genre is closest to you and known to you.

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