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Cobbler in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Cobbler in dream represents a situation or relationship that has a chance to be reborn anew. The cobbler is an expression of positive change and revitalization.
    see the shoemaker - try to learn how to properly ask for help from others; it will be much easier for you if you get the support you need
    to be - you need to reassess your approach to life and consider whether you want to continue to function at the current level
    see him at work - do not keep making the same mistakes; if you are doing something, do it as best you can
    work for a shoemaker - thanks to your friend's intercession, you will be able to successfully finish a case that has not been promising so far
    bring him shoes - with small steps you will ensure prestige and freedom in action
    leave your shoes with him - a change that you will soon make will distract you from a moment from the problems of everyday life.

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