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Cigarettes in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Cigarettes in a dream reflect negative thought patterns, bad habits and addictions. Moreover, they can be indicative of infidelity, excessive sexual desire and abuse of power. Sometimes cigarettes in a dream symbolize our enemies too.
    smoke cigarettes without being a smoker - you will try to escape from the problems of everyday life
    if you are a smoker in real life - sleep reflects the need for comfort and peace in life.
    hold a cigarette - sleep portends moments of happiness
    seeing someone smoke a cigarette - you will manage to stabilize your life situation both professionally and personally
    if someone offers you a cigarette - you will need someone's help soon
    give someone a cigarette - you will avoid expressing your opinion on a controversial topic
    smoke the whole pap ierosa - it is a sign that your desires will come true or that you will achieve one of your life goals
    smoke cigarettes despite the ban - you are trying at all costs to fulfill your desires, even if it turns out that the path to the desired goal may have unpleasant consequences for you
    to see an ashtray full of unburned cigarettes - the dream tells a brutal truth that you will have to face; if you do not change your approach to life, you will not achieve any honor, and you will also fail to achieve any lofty goals.

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