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Church organs in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The Church organs symbolizes spiritual revelation as well as sacredness and faith; they can also mean the feeling that justice must always be followed in life. Striving to accept your emotional and spiritual side of nature will take a long time. However, do not be discouraged by small mistakes, you can learn a lot from the mistakes you make. Some events in your life will have a strong impact on your future. Your life will become much better than before Listening to organ music brings joy and peace to a person, it brings relief, thanks to contemplation you can rediscover your vocation. Sleep can also be sexual.
    see it - a high-level event awaits you
    hear them - you will be a guest of honor at some celebration
    play them - you will move away from your surroundings
    play the organ during the Holy Mass - publicity and prosperity await you
    admire the organ in the church - you will despair after parting or the death of a loved one
    sing to organ music - you will quarrel with a loved one and close yourself up for a while
    organist - expect joyful news
    to be at an organ music concert - finding your own calling will give you respite and silence in your heart
    destroyed - you will be disappointed in to a person who was very important to you, a quarrel will weaken your relationship for a long time
    loud organ music - you will enjoy good health
    sad organ music - a dream foreshadows some sad event.

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