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Chest in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The chest in a dream because of its shape is a symbol of the womb, mother's love and parenthood. Depending on its state, the chest can represent sadness or contentment. what people say about you, you will try very hard to make everyone think of you well.
    to see a full box - a dream augurs wealth that will give your family a better life
    to see an empty chest - before you undertake any undertaking, better calculate everything, delays in payments may cause poverty on you
    open the chest - you will free yourself from the fear which for years has paved the way for your success
    lock the chest - if you do not control your sentimental excitement, you will be in great danger
    empty chest - you will plunge into addiction without recourse
    chest filled with clothes - you will experience great disappointment in love
    old chest - difficult difficulties will appear on your way
    chest filled with money - thanks to a certain person you will become very wasteful and stop controlling your own expenses
    see someone hiding something in the chest - if you do not correct your immature behavior not much your life will change
    if someone enters the box or hides in it - your childish behavior will give away interesting visions about adult and independent life for a long time.

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