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Cutlery in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Cutlery in a dream is a symbol of good manners and refined taste. They are a tool that allows a person to enjoy the tasty benefits of this world. They also indirectly indicate an element of integration with other people by eating together.
    to see the cutlery - watch out for the opinion of other people, because it may not go where you would like it
    eat them - sooner or later you will have to answer for your actions anyway
    put something with cutlery - someone will try to approach you
    see someone holding up - you will have two options to choose from that you may not necessarily like
    see the cutlery on the floor - you will receive a painful blow from the fate that however, it will push you to act quickly
    throw them off the table - you will be busy with worthless matters
    dirty cutlery - you will undertake uncertain undertakings that will quickly turn out to be fatal
    shiny cutlery - you will receive an invitation from a newly met person
    silver - only honors await you in the near future
    as a gift or inheritance - finally make your project a reality
    wash the cutlery - someone will suspect you of something groundlessly
    put it on the table - do not listen to the advice of people who are completely ignorant of their stuff
    to buy them at too high a price - someone who promised you golden mountains will turn out to be a cheat
    very sharp cutlery - you will have a very unsympathetic person.
    If you put cutlery in the dishwasher, it is a sign that you will stop at nothing to finish your long-planned work.

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