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Chemistry in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The chemistry dream is a symbol of manipulation and an harbinger of unpredictable changes. You should prepare yourself for important events in your life to come.
    learning chemistry - may be a harbinger of a new adventure or, on the contrary, stagnation and disappointment in life
    taking chemistry - it proves that you will soon go through a period of transformation in your life , maybe thanks to it you will finally find what you have been looking for for a long time
    when you are charmed by it - your life will start to look colorful, so try to use the good streak and start slowly change what you are not satisfied with in your life
    disgust for chemistry - means that someone will manipulate you, but before you let yourself get on your head, think about the situation is necessary and isn't it worth facing it
    studying chem ii - you will come to some truths and new assumptions that will reveal new opportunities and possibilities in your life
    chemistry tutoring - a sign that you need to finally polish it , which has caused you life difficulties so far.

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