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Cheesecake in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    cheesecake in a dream is a symbol of sweet struggles and lofty celebrations. It is an expression of thanks for someone's work and an invitation to elegant meetings with the immediate family.
    see the cheesecake - some things will go perfectly well for you, just take care of them properly
    eat cheesecake - if you continue just listen to your heart's voice, you will make a mistake that will be hard for you to fix later
    cut cheesecake - you will set a line that someone will not be able to cross if they step too much on your fingerprint
    bake cheesecake - someone will try to influence your decisions, luckily you will find out in time and take control of your own affairs
    tasty cheesecake - you deserve a reward for a job well done
    unsavory cheesecake - something unpleasant will happen to those in love.

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