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Chaussee in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The appearance of it in a dream symbolizes our way of life. Usually it is a very good prognostic of the fulfillment of life goals and plans.
    go along the chaussee - means that despite all adversities, you will not stop strenuously striving towards your goal
    running along the road - it usually proves that that you are trying to speed up your actions, but remember that not every shortcut may turn out to be the right one.
    take it - you do not always achieve your ambitions in an honest way
    racing on it - a sign that if you win, it means that you are on the way to beat your rivals, otherwise they will take the upper hand
    winding, bumpy - you will encounter many obstacles and a lot of failure before you achieve your own dreams
    dark - the dream usually reflects controversial and frightening ce decisions
    smooth, with trees and flowers in its vicinity - despite many life obstacles you will constantly climb the social ladder
    simple and narrow - everything will go according to your original plans
    unknown - you take some risk or become a pioneer in something
    if you encounter a formidable creature there - the dream reflects hostile situations and people you will encounter in your life.

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