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Selfie in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    In the dream book, the selfie is described as an attempt to increase your inner value, self-satisfaction, give your life a more personal character and show the world your external beauty. It is important to whom in the dream you show your photo in the photo and whether you are satisfied with it. Selfie is also a reflection of the desire to get to know your own desires, feelings and emotions deeper and to give them a higher rank. Sleep can also be a sign of a desire to improve your image or strengthen and emphasize your position, sometimes it is an expression of boredom and simple laziness.
    A successful selfie on which you look nice is a harbinger of happiness, triumph and all good fortune. It is an expression of life's hopes and joy in everyday life. Probably fate will smile at you once again and you will manage to ensure a happy future. In another sense, a dream can be an expression of a narcissistic approach to one's surroundings as well as of pride and haughtiness.
    Failed selfie in which you look ugly is a harbinger of worries, worries, failed initiatives and dilemmas, including love ones. It is a sign of complexes due to low self-esteem. You probably stay in someone's shadow all the time and therefore cannot come to the surface. Perhaps the cause of your distress is associated with elegant company, from which you clearly stand out.
    Blurred selfie in dreams is an expression of exhaustion, life monotony, internal dilemmas and emotional turmoil. Before you can get back into balance, you will first need to understand and begin to properly identify your needs.
    A close-up selfie tells you that you will feel a great surge of life energy, but do not wait for a goldfish, but take care of your own happiness. If you delay, you can lose a lot.
    When you do them with someone, it means that you will start to associate with the person you dream about. It will inspire you to make certain changes that will make you look at your life from a completely different perspective.
    Selfie with a stranger is a sign that you will trust a stranger you have recently met with your friends. You will see that you will not regret it and in the long run you will benefit from it.
    A cropped selfie usually shows a decline in form, and it is possible that if you don't take good care of yourself, old ailments will return.

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