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Chat in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    A dream about a chat is most often a call to reflect on your own life and decisions. It is also a warning to keep your mouth shut in accordance with the principle that silence is gold.
    holding it - most often it is a bad sign that announces a quarrel with a loved one
    chatting with a friend - means that you will manage to stabilize an unpleasant situation for you
    chat with your neighbor - a sign that you should focus more on family life
    with your partner - encourages you to spend more time with your loved ones and focus on your own feelings
    with a relative - a dream usually means that someone close to you needs your help
    with a random person met on the street - a sign that you should refrain from making important decisions in your life in the near future
    pog wandka with a rival - warns against the evil plans that your opponent will start implementing behind your back
    chat with death - a sign that you should carefully analyze your life to find out which decisions may turn out to be unfavorable for you and which may even change your life
    nice chat - a sign that a friendly acquaintance will turn into hostile relations
    unpleasant chat - you should be rather careful towards others and weigh your words, as too hasty statements can cause you more problems than you think.

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