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Channel in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The channel in dreams and in fact is a place created by man, which reflects his intervention in nature, symbolizes structure and balance, also represents fiery feelings and drives, and illustrates the way in which we succumb to them. According to the information contained in the dream books, the channel is a symbol of a life balance between nature and modernity, which is sometimes alien to man in itself.

Meaning of the CHANNEL dream:

    When you dream that you can see the channel, it means that you are carrying emotional baggage that restricts your movements or prevents you from doing something.
    If you dream that you can see several channels, it is a sign of a sense of balance in family relationships. Dream interpretation cautions not to pay too much attention to people who do not reciprocate your intentions.
    If you fall into a channel, then dream is a warning against your own actions. While your intentions will be as sincere as possible, you may accidentally fall into your own trap by accident.
    Building a channel is a warning that you will start doing something you are completely unfamiliar with and with a little luck you will succeed.
    According to the dream book, walking through the channel is an announcement that you will have a lot of joy in life that you will share with your loved ones. In another sense, a dream may mean that you will keep overcoming obstacles that will keep coming back to you.
    If you dream that you see ships flowing in the channel, then it means that your home will now be open to many people.
    A channel with dirty water is a bad sign in dreams that signals that someone will ruin your life or that you will lose something that is of great value to you.
    A dream in which you see a concrete channel is a warning against the lack of harmony and balance in your life.
    A channel with cloudy water is a bad sign associated with misfortune, it can foretell the death of a family member or a serious illness.
    The mule channel dream portends a period of serious regression in your life. Things will not move forward in any way, rather you will start to move backwards.
    A channel with clear water sends a message that you will be very happy and your life will be free from major worries.
    If you dream that you are digging a channel, it is a sign that you will start to better control the flow of information between your crew members. For a certain period of time, you will not be able to focus on yourself, your own strength and creativity. However, when you rest and go to a quiet place away from the hectic home life, then you can restore balance in your busy life again.
    When you are in the channel on your back or in a boat, it is a positive sign in a dream. For dreams is a sign that you will find a balance between important areas of your life and that you will still stay afloat by being yourself all the time.
    When the water in the canal rises and falls, it is a sign of unbalanced emotions in a partner relationship in a dream.

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