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Chameleon in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The chameleon symbolizes adaptability to new situations. It also demonstrates extraordinary versatility. Alternatively, it reflects the need to distract from an unwanted situation.
    see the chameleon - you will have to resist the temptation
    get it - someone will suck on you
    buy a chameleon - you will achieve success without refusing to do anything
    sell the chameleon - although in a certain situation you will give your best, it will not bring the expected effect
    caress him - the dream warns of false friends
    breed chameleons - you want to please everyone but you do not pay attention to yourself
    not be able to see it - you will find yourself in a new situation in which you will not be able to find yourself
    to be him - a reality that your surroundings will soon change a lot
    kill a chameleon - at some point you will have to cut off speculation about yourself.

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