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Catastrophe in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    A catastrophe symbolizes a sense of loss or disappointment. You feel down, perhaps having difficulty accepting failure. If the dream is about some unspecified catastrophe, it is probably your professional position will weaken.
    train crash - do not take everything personally, remember not to draw life only in dark colors
    plane crash - you need to slow down the pace of life a bit, rest and think about yourself
    sea disaster - after the storm the sun will shine over your roof again
    suffer a catastrophe / defeat - you will start to blame yourself for your own future
    take part in the catastrophe - do not give up your dreams, success may be closer than you think
    to see the catastrophe - do not reveal secrets and important information, because it can cause you a lot of worry
    watch idle suffering of others during some catastrophe - sleep is a warning to avoid conflicts with loved ones at all costs in the near future
    avoid catastrophe - you will emerge victorious from a problematic situation
    lead to a catastrophe - you will start to benefit from someone else's work.

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