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Breast in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    A dream about breast symbolizes the need for support and care; it also has a purely erotic meaning; a dream can illustrate motherhood, upbringing or childhood dependence on the mother.
    to see naked breasts - someone will invade your privacy; if you are not yet a mother, a dream may reflect the need for motherhood
    to have only one breast - do not be afraid compromise, you will not lose anything and you can gain a lot
    have breasts of unnatural size or one bigger than the other - you feel imbalance or satisfaction with your sex life
    cut your breast - you can expect bad news
    bleed from your breast - you will experience great suffering in life
    swollen from milk - you feel that you are giving others more than you get in return
    seeing the baby at the breast - success will give you extra skin zydeł
    hold your own child at your breast - you will make your plans come true
    see them in a beautiful woman - your innermost dreams will come true
    distorted or ugly breasts - you will doubt your own abilities
    flabby - sleep may indicate your submission and lack of self-confidence
    hairy - sleep is a positive omen for men, while for women it is a harbinger of carrying an unnecessary burden in life
    big and beautiful - you will appreciate how important is a sense of security and stability in life.
    small - you will unnecessarily give someone a reason to gossip
    have scars or tattoos on your chest - you will get a solid lesson from life
    see in a man - you will finally find a balance between your personal and professional life
    breasts covered with hair - long s the hidden secret will see the light of day.

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