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Castration in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The castration dream is most often associated with some type of sexual trauma or with problems of a personal nature. The castration theme is much more common in men's dreams than in women's dreams. For men, castration is the same as losing masculinity, while in women's dreams it can reflect the fear of making new friends.
    undergoing castration - a sign that you feel threatened for some reason, alternatively a dream suggests that you feel guilty about being physically attracted to other people
    witnessing it - means that someone close to you has serious emotional problems that they want to blame on you
    witnessing your partner's castration - shows that you feel ignored or neglected by someone, both sexually and emotionally, think about it, maybe it's your partner
    castrated partner - may suggest that your partner is very selfish, completely disregarding your feelings
    castrated animal - means that you feel desperate or that you are suppressing your animal instincts.

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