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Set square in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Due to the three angles, the set square in a dream symbolizes three ways out of a certain life situation that you will have to choose. Each of them will turn out to be different and will involve different tasks to be performed. Dream is also a symbol of happiness and life fulfillment and perfectionism that prevents you from living normally. In another sense, the set square may also herald the arrival of a jealous lover in your relationship. Be careful because it can help to break down the feeling that still smolders between you.
    The sight of a set square means in a dream that there may be a third person in your relationship who will not be mindful of your feelings and past with your loved one. You should be especially careful now so as not to lose everything that you have built so far.
    A broken set square tells you that you will try to piece together the mismatched elements. Remember that you can't put everything under a ruler in life. Sometimes it is worth letting go in time, especially everything that is impossible to do.
    When you borrow a line from someone, it is a sign that you do not care about details in your life, do not feel a duty, or that you have lost control over something. If you want to go back to what it used to be, try to be more compulsory than before.
    If someone else is using a square, then the dream proposes that you will solve a problem that others cannot cope with. Thanks to this, you will gain the sympathy of people around you and you will repair relationships that were broken in the past.

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