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Carriage in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    A carriage in a dream may indicate the dreamer's wrong way of thinking. Think about what you should change in your life to open up more to the world around you.
    if you see it - a period of hard work awaits you in your life
    when you drive it - a dream reminds you that patience always pays
    when you drive it slowly - you will receive bad news too late so that you can change something
    getting into the carriage - everything indicates that someone you know from the old days will help you succeed
    getting out of it - a sign that you will not be able to avoid failure and loss
    if you drive someone with it - if you diligently fulfill the duties entrusted to you, you will finally receive a well-deserved reward
    replacing the wheel in it - it is a sign that despite favorable circumstances, you should always be prepared priced for the worst.

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