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Caretaker in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The dream of the caretaker is associated with the need to organize certain areas of one's life, it is a direct symbol of traditional values ​​and life resourcefulness. Sleep may also indicate emotional stagnation or the complete lack of emotional development.
    view of the caretaker - a sign that you will encounter obstacles that will make your life difficult
    caretaker at work - a sign that responsibility and a rational approach to life will soon become your flagship slogans
    night caretaker - it means that you have many unresolved problems, so you shouldn't focus on making big changes in your life
    a prison janitor who is friendly - heralds finding new friends
    being a janitor - means that you will find yourself among false people
    sad - portends that you are uncomfortable fak you will soon come to light
    the caretaker in the school - heralds that many new doors will soon be opened for you
    quarrel with him - means that your life will be in total disorder.

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